Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive the order?

Please allow 48hrs for your order to beshipped, and 5-7 business days to receive it.

What does my order come with?

Each order of RazorRescue™ comes with one bottle which lasts 3-6 months, and one RazorRescue™ resting tray.

How long can I expect my blades to last?

Blades will last from 3 to 5 times as long as without RazorRescue™. If you currently switch to a new blade once a week, you'll be able to use the same blade for 3 weeks or even 4 or 5. At almost $5.00 per blade, you'll save the cost of RazorRescue in just several weeks while getting a smoother more comfortable shave and eliminating shaving bumps.

Email us through our contact page if you have any questions