How To Use RazorRescue™

Directions for use:

(For use with MANUAL razors ONLY. Do not use with ELECTRIC razors.)

1. Shake your RazorRescueT bottle well before using.
2. Pour approximately half an inch of RazorRescueT oil in the RazorRescueT holder tray that comes with your order. Submerge and rest your razor in the holder. Make sure to cover your 'blades' completely with RazorRescueT. Shave as usual.
3. Rinse your razor in water after each use and shake off excess water.
4. Rest your razor back in the holder tray filled with RazorRescue™ whenever you're not using it.
5. RazorRescue works best if you rinse your blade in cold water during shaving.
6. On occasion, the "comfort strip" on your razor may come off. This will not affect your shave or comfort.
7. Replace your RazorRescue™ solution every 30 to 45 days

Shaving Tips:

Try shaving after a hot shower. The water and steam work to soften the hair and open the pores, making for a closer more comfortable shave. Rinse your razor in cold water as you shave. This will keep the metal in the blade taught reducing the chance of bumps, nicks and cuts. After your shave, rinse shaved area with cold water. This will close pores which will help your skin retain moisture and keep out impurities.

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